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Locker Policy

Bronx Early College Academy (BECA) provides shared lockers to all students with limited individual lockers available for an annual fee of $5.00. Individual Lockers may be revoked if a student does not comply with BECA’s Policies and Expectations.

Locker Expectations

  • Students may not use their own locks. Student lockers will be equipped with a school provided lock which can be accessed via a master key. Unauthorized locks will be removed without notice. 
Use of Lockers:
  • Lockers will be available to students at the start and end of the day. 
  • Students will not be allowed to go to their lockers during the school day or outside of predetermined times.
  • Lockers should be used to store all apparel that does not comply with BECA’s uniform Policy.
  • Any student(s) caught using their locker during the school day will face disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension of locker privileges, unassignment of an individual locker, or further disciplinary action.
Authority to Inspect:
  • BECA retains the right to inspect lockers. All inspections of student lockers shall be conducted by the Principal, her designees, school safety, and/or a member of the administrative staff designated by the Principal. 
  • An inspection of all lockers in the school, may be conducted if the Principal reasonably believes that such an inspection is necessary to prevent, impede and/or substantially reduce the risk of interference with school day.
  • BECA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items held within the lockers during or after the school day.
Locker Clean Up:
    • Students are expected to maintain their lockers  in accordance with general housekeeping rules
    • Lockers not emptied by the last day of school will have its contents disposed of by the custodial staff.